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Support > Using Using Mail.app with LoHost

Note:If you have never used Mail on your Mac before and are setting up Mail for the first time please use these instructions instead.

To configure Apple Mail (Mail.app) to use the LoHost mail servers follow the steps below. For the example we are using Mail version 1.3.11.

Start Apple Mail. Go to the Mail menu and choose Preferences…. Click on the Accounts icon at the top of the dialog box, and then click the + button at the bottom of the list of accounts to add a new email account.

1. Change the “Account Type” to “POP”

2. Type in a description for your account (this will appear in the mailboxes drawer)

3. Type in your e-mail address. You will have received what it should be along with your account welcome information.

4. Type in your full name. Use your own name, or department e.g. Acme Inc Sales team.

5. Type in the incoming mail server name. The one below is for UK customers. If you are in the USA, replace .co.uk with .com.

6. Type in your mailbox user name and password. These will have been supplied to you with your account welcome information.

7. Select “Add Server” from the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) drop down box.

8. Enter the name of the Lohost outgoing mail server. From the "Authentication" drop down box, select "Password" and enter your mailbox name and password again. If you prefer you can use your ISP/connectivity provider’s own SMTP server in place of our own, though you will need to refer to them for support with it. When ready click OK.

9. If you find you are unable to send messages via our server using port 25, it is highly likely that your connectivity provider has forced you to use theirs. To get around this we provide SMTP access on port 2525 too. Click on the “server settings” button below the server name in your account settings and set it as per below:

10. To save the new account, close the Accounts window by clicking the red close window button. Click the Save button when prompted.

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