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Support > PGP For LoHost Web Accounts

LoHost webspace accounts provides support for PGP, a very secure public key encryption system. An example of it's use is this...
  • Customer submits payment details to an SSL secured form on store owners website, hosted by LoHost.
  • Scripts on store owners website encrypt these details with PGP using the store owners public key.
  • Scripts then e-mail they encrypted message to store owner.
  • Store owner receives message and decrypts the e-mail using his/her secret key.
The beauty of the system is that even if the e-mail is intercepted it cannot be read without the secret key, even by the sender.

Where Is PGP on the LoHost servers?

Via ssh or from your scripts you can access the open source version of PGP, called GnuPG (the GNU Privacy Guard). It is completely compatible and free of any commercial restrictions. The path is /usr/local/bin/gpg

Exporting your public and private keys from PGP

This example uses PGP 7.0.3 for Windows.

1. Start up PGPKeys. Your keypair should be listed.

2. Make sure the key to export is highlighted exactly as so and choose Export from the Keys menu.

3. Make sure to tick the Include Private keys option and save the file.

The resulting .asc file should contain your public key, which you can import to the PGP keyring for your web account using gpg --import yourkey.asc
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