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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

The support FAQs aren't that big yet, but will grow. For now, the basic information required to get your site up and running is covered.

If you have a question not covered by the support FAQ, please use our contact form. We will respond as quickly as possible - usually between minutes and an hour or two depending on how busy our support team are.
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E-mail questions
Email setup with iPhone / iOS
Email setup with Outlook Express
Email setup with Outlook 2003
Email setup with Apple Mail.app
Email Frequently Asked Questions
Webspace questions
Uploading your website with FTP
Uploading your website with Dreamweaver 8
Uploading your website with Actinic
Webspace Frequenty Asked Questions
Apache web server response codes
Encrypting web orders with PGP and PHP

Other topics
Installing GriSoft Anti-Virus
LoHost buttons and banners
UKPOP3 mail serverpop3.lohost.co.uk
UKSMTP mail serversmtp.lohost.co.uk (auth)
UKIMAP mail serverimap.lohost.co.uk
USPOP3 mail serverpop3.us.lohost.com
USSMTP mail serversmtp.us.lohost.com (auth)
USIMAP mail serverimap.lohost.com
UKPrimary DNSns0.lohost.net
UKSecondary DNSns1.lohost.net
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