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Low cost reliable hosting? Tell me more!

We provide a full range of Internet services to suit your every need. In addition we have servers in both the UK and USA providing optimal connectivity to clients worldwide.

Domain Registration Services

US, UK, .biz & .info domain name registration at very competitive rates. Web and e-mail forwarding are provided. Please refer to the domains page to look up domains and view prices.

Web site hosting

Our web accounts are full solutions with both web and e-mail service (see below) included. All LoHost web hosting accounts come with your choice of PHP4 or 5, your own cgi-bin folder, access and error logs, web statistics, FrontPage extensions (if required) and more.

See our webspace comparison chart for full details.

Service NameQuarterlyYearlyDescription
Budget Webhosting£15.00£50.00 Get started with the LoHost Lite package, offering PHP enabled webspace, shell and ftp access, logs and web stats, mail and other goodies.
Developer Webhosting£30.00£100.00 The LoHost Developer account provides MySQL 5 access for database driven websites. Up to 5 domains. Full e-mail service included.
E-Commerce Webhosting£45.00£160.00 With SSL webspace, PGP facilities, everything in the developer account and more besides, the LoHost Commerce account is ideal for your online store.

E-mail hosting

E-mail is probably the most important, and business critical service used on the Internet today. It needs to be reliable, clean of viruses and free from unsolicited junk e-mail (spam). We work continually to make sure LoHost e-mail services are exactly that. Whether you need reliable e-mail at home or wish to outsource your office e-mail delivery, we can make it happen.

Service NameQuarterlyYearlyDescription
Mail & Domain Only£8.00£30.00 If you have no need for a website but do require full e-mail services, try our Mail & Domain only account. We provide POP3/IMAP mailbox access, with authenticated SMTP access for sending mail from any network.
Secondary DNS & MX£7.50£30.00 We provide off-network secondary DNS and MX backup. If your network goes down, our mail systems catch your e-mail until your network is back again.
Authenticated SMTP-From £30.00 Is your ISP's SMTP mail server causing you problems? Are you a frequent traveller who sends mail from your laptop / PDA via different networks and have to reconfigure each time? We can help, with our fast, secure authenticated SMTP service.

Dedicated Database and Other Services

Service NameQuarterlyYearlyDescription
Dedicated MySQL£25.00£80.00 For those needing ultimate control of their databases the dedicated MySQL option provides root access to your own unique MySQL instance.
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