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Support > Uploading your Actinic catalog to LoHost

This document provides settings for using Actinic shopping cart software on the LoHost webservers. They work in Actinic 7, 8 and 9.

  1. Start up Actinic.
  2. Go to the Web menu and choose Network Setup. You should see the following window. Replace example.org and the username and password with the details you received from us at at signup.

  3. Click Ok.
  4. Click the 'Publish to Web' button.
If you experience timeout messages during the publishing process and you are sure your Internet connection is ok, just click Retry.

Server details
Catalog URLhttp://www.example.org/acatalog/
cgi-bin URLhttp://www.example.org/cgi-bin/
Path from CGI-BIN to Online Store Folder../acatalog
FTP details
Server hostwww.example.org
Path to CGI-BINcgi-bin/
Path from CGI-BIN to Online Store Folder as viewed by the FTP server../www/acatalog/
Use passive FTP transfersyes
Common settings
Web Site urlhttp://www.example.org/
Online Store Folder name:acatalog
CGI Script ID1
Path to the Perl shell/usr/bin/perl
Use relative CGI-BIN URLs in Catalog Pagesno
Upload Settings
Ignore passive transfer errorsyes
Use Enhanced FTPyes
Email Settings
SMTP serverlocalhost
Username and password requiredno

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