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DISCLAIMER - We offer this basic installation guide for GriSoft AVG Anti-Virus to help out users without virus protection on their computer. LoHost are in no way affiliated with GriSoft or AVG Anti-Virus and are not responsible for any loss of data incurred from use of this program. For support beyond the basic installation guide we detail here please visit the official GriSoft AVG Anti-Virus website.

1. Download the GriSoft Anti-Virus install file from http://free.grisoft.com/. Save it to your desktop or open it directly if your web browser permits you to. If you save it to your desktop you need to find the file there and double click on it to start the installation.

2. Upon starting the installation you should see the following welcome screen. Click Next.

3. The license agreement will appear. Unless you disagree with it (it's harmless enough) click Accept.

4. Choose your installation type. For most people the standard installation is fine. Click Next.

5. Enter a choice of user name and company name if you have one, then click Next.

6. Click Finish.

7. Click OK.

8. At this point AVG Anti-Virus should be installed, and will ask you a few basic questions about how you want it to operate. Click Next.

9. If you wish to check for virus definition updates (a wise thing to do!) click Check for Updates. If not, skip to section 12 below.

10. If you chose to check for updates, tick the Do not ask for source next time. box and then click Internet. If there are any updates available they will download from the Internet. This may take a few moments.

11. If updates are found the update selection box will appear. Click Update and let it run it's course.

12. Decide upon your scanning schedule. The defaults are usually always fine. Click Next.

13. If you want to scan your computer go ahead. If you are confident it is healthy click Next.

14. Registration is optional. You can safely click Next.

15. If all is well your computer is now protected by GriSoft Anti-Virus. There should be a shortcut to it on the desktop, a system tray icon down by the time, and a new submenu of entries in your Start menu.

16. As and when you wish to use AVG Anti-Virus just double click on the AVG Free icon, or right click on the system tray AVG icon and choose Control Center or Test Center accordingly.

For further help please refer to http://free.grisoft.com/.

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