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Support > How to upload your website with Dreamweaver 8

If you have not yet designed your site...

If you have not yet started designing your website and are just setting up in Dreamweaver 8 please follow these steps. For our example, we are going to set up a new fictional site called www.acmewidgets.co.uk, with a login of widgets.
  1. Go to the Site menu in Dreamweaver and choose New Site. A new Site Definitions wizard will appear.

    Fill it in as per above and click Next.

  2. Leave part two as per above and click Next.

  3. Unless you already have HTML files to add, just click Next.

  4. Fill in the remote server details as per above. Your FTP password and other details are in an e-mail that we sent to you. If you need us to send it again let us know.

  5. When you have added the above details click Test Connection. If all is well you will see the success notice. Your computer must be connected to the Internet when you run the test.

  6. Leave the Checking In and Out disabled as per above. This is the default setting. Click Next.

    Your summary should look like so, with exception perhaps of the Local Root Folder. Click Done.

  7. When you create your new pages, the first one visitors will see must be called index.html or index.htm.

Job done!

You should now go ahead and build the rest of your site in Dreamweaver. When you are ready to upload, please visit the publishing your pages section.

If you had any problems with the above please let us know.

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